Life Outside My Cube

My life, a work in progress.

Saturday Morning Leisure

Sounds wonderful, right? A relaxing Saturday morning doing whatever comes to mind? Well, it’s been that, in a way, except that it started at 6:30am when the cat set up a wail at the back door (right under our bedroom window) to be let in. Once up, I’m up – can’t go back to sleep. I worked on a client website for a couple hours, until my wife got up. We made ourselves breakfast together, then went for a 1hr speedwalk in the park down the street. I was hurting, having played a couple hours of Ultimate last night. In addition to my sorry tale of misery in the last post, I’m about 30 pounds overweight.

I’m exercising a fair amount, high intensity racquetball 2x a week for an hour, 3hrs competitive volleyball Tuesdays, and 2hrs Ultimate on Thursdays. I may be getting more fit, but I like eating too much, which is probably why I’m not losing any weight. I often eat or snack late into the evening, which I understand is a Bad Idea not because it’s after the magical 8pm, but because I really don’t need to be eating anything that late in the day. I also tend to be a reactionary eater – when I think things aren’t going well in my life, I eat to make myself feel better.

So I struggle on with the extra weight and feelings of negligence and inferiority it brings.

So far today, I’m doing well. Wife and I are shortly going to the store for more pectin and canning jars – we have a peck of peaches to turn into jam, and someone gave us around a bushel of tomatoes last night. The tomatoes are not quite ripe, so we’ll set them out to ripen until Monday, and make tomato sauce then. A good thing to do as a family this weekend, since we can’t afford to do much else. We’ll probably end up borrowing some movies from the local library, or Redbox.


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