Life Outside My Cube

My life, a work in progress.

Hump Day

The beginning of my week is usually very busy and stressful. I don’t look forward to Mondays or Tuesday mornings. But by Wednesday, things are looking ok, and there’s a bit of calm in the air. Thursday morning things pick up in earnest again, and all day Friday I’m on eggshells expecting an urgent problem to arise just before I leave for the weekend, which they do with maddening regularity. So hump day is usually a pretty good day. Usually.

I’ve been working on 2 rather messy problems today. All day. I got here an hour early to get jump started before the madding crowds pushed in (we have an open office, so these NC babies come in real handy).

Now I’m waiting for some number crunching and will probably be at least an hour late leaving. Got a headache from the intensity today – no lunch break.

I wish I had the kind of job where I could just say, “I’ll be back after lunch,” or “5 o’clock – I’m leaving now.” I have clients depending on my real-time data analysis, and they’re frequently impatient. So I can’t just leave things hanging, or else it’ll get worse.

Thats life in our company, where we provide ongoing engineering and IT services, instead of doing product development. I don’t really like it much nowadays.


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