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Riding Lessons

In my previous post, I introduced my definition of a hobby as a basis for a discussion I’d had with friends the other day. Here are some ideas that arose out of that discussion, based on my definition of a hobby.

A hobby is a good thing because it helps pacify you. That is, it is a source of peace to a person. When stressed, many people turn to their hobbies as part of their coping mechanism. It is a way to retreat from the stresses of life, where the mind is primarily focused on the enjoyable activity.

Can one retreat into the hobby at expense of family, social life, faith? Undoubtedly. It should not be a substitute for directly dealing with problems or stresses in one’s life.

A hobby can make you a credible source of truth on subjects other than your hobby. People who become an expert authority on their hobby are often considered smarter – because it’s clear they have spent considerable time researching their hobby. Such diligence would perhaps be equally applied to other areas of life, and as a result, these people are trusted more often than those with no similar expertise.

Is this “playing the game?” Undoubtedly, if the hobby motivated by this desire for credibility. It is a deceptive behavior.

A hobby serves as a point of interest between to strangers. Perhaps the more hobbies one has (and takes the time to diligently research or study), the more opportunities exist to attract people with similar interests.

Will this make you more attractive to people? It depends on how you come across. A common interest is good; someone who only can talk about himself or his hobby is a bore.

Any other ideas?


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