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Common Sense, part 1

Why do we not, as Europeans do, standardize on dual-flush toilets? I feel guilty every time I flush my 1.6 gallons when the water is just discolored.

wooden-throne-toiletOur President has been quoted as saying that water is one of the “grand challenges” facing the US in the 21st century. In January our government proposed over $15 billion in water-related stimulus activity.

I’m not asking for toilet regulation or a government crapper kickback. I’m perhaps suggesting a public service announcement. Like, um,”Making sure your flushing is properly limited, simple thing, but we could save all that water that they’re talking about getting off recycling, if everybody was just upgrading their toilets and single-flushing regularly. You could actually save just as much.”

No, wait, that doesn’t sound right.

Still, if like Australia, 1/4 of all clean water in the US is flushed in toilets, reducing the flush from 1.6 gallons to around 1 would be a tremendous savings, rhetoric aside.

Think I’ll speak to my landlord about it next time we need a toilet repaired.


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