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My life, a work in progress.

Unseating Myself

Should I get a tattoo? What about adding hours to my timesheet? Will I visit my aunt in the nursing home? When is stealing really stealing?

Easy to ask, sometimes difficult to answer. What standards do you use when making decisions like these?

People always enter the decision-making process with some kind of overarching perspective or standard. For many, the standard is purely self-interest – what’s good for me, what I like, how I can benefit, what’s least painful. There may be some guilt in that as a sole motive, but with practice, it can be minimized. :-)

However, I think we’d all like to think that we have some kind of less-selfish standards!  We don’t always rely on purely selfish motivations to drive decision-making. We often make decisions based on what’s good for other people. Or what jives with our ethics or parent’s views. Or what our peers approve of. Sure, I can agree with that. We’re not totally self-absorbed!

But the question then is, what kind of standards are those? Aren’t standards generally considered to be points of absolute reference that do not change? Think of “Metric measurement standards”, for example. Hey, somebody should form a standards committee! Oh, they already did. If those “standards” can be overridden at will, or changed on a whim, they’re not standards at all. They are more like guidelines or suggestions. Guess that only leaves people with a “suggestion of ethics” to guide their lives. :-)

Ah, I jest. Kind of.

I’d like to say that all my decisions are based on my personal standard of ethics which is founded on the Bible. Despite saying so, doing so is not automatic. It requires a conscientious effort to not be swayed by selfishness. Jesus taught selflessness, and I’m telling you, it’s the most difficult thing. If we could constantly visualize His presence with us, similar to how a supervisor looking over your shoulder might influence our behavior, perhaps we’d be on the road to making decisions according to a right standard.

Is Jesus presence that real to you, that you can do the over-the-shoulder glance to catch His eye before jumping to a decision? And are you willing to relinquish the decision-making throne to Him, and submit to His standards?

When you do, decisions become doorways to adventure!


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