Life Outside My Cube

My life, a work in progress.


Not much happening at work today. In fact, my task list is totally empty. I have nothing to do. I dislike having to “look busy”.

I left early for lunch, instead of dragging things out until 12:00. I was feeling sorry for myself, and the light drizzle seemed an apt environment to muse in.

I remembered a job I wanted to do, so I drove to one local park and picked a quart of ripe crabapples that I’d sampled a couple weeks ago. Smallish, bright red fruits with a decidedly bright citrusy flavor. I think they’ll make excellent jelly. Not wanting to go right back to work, I drove around for a while, finally stopping in at a local restaurant to eat by myself (there’s another quirk – I eat to make myself feel better. Or, maybe I like to commiserate with my food. whatever). It was a bit pricey! One of the “specials” was seared scallops over rice with a wine and mustard sauce, bacon-apple cabbage and green beans. Very nice presentation, and wonderful to eat. A glass of house Chardonnay and it was a perfect meal.

Now it’s 4pm and I’m heading out. No sense in staying until 5, since I was here at 6:30am, and there’s really nothing for me to do anyhow. I hope I can find something constructive to do tomorrow!


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