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Cooking Class, Introduction

Nancy and I decided to take a short class at a local vocational school called Soups, Stocks and Sauces. The class description read,

Discover the wonders of fresh homemade soup. A hands-on approach of how to prepare fantastic seasonal soups. This course will teach the classic methods of making stocks, as well as how to produce exceptional sauces. Students will develop the skills to cook with confidence.

We were hoping to put some “feet” on our head-knowledge of stocks, and to kind of test the waters a bit. At some point, Nancy would like to attend culinary school, and we thought this would be a very small first step.

The school has a culinary arts program, and the high school students even run a small lunch restaurant each day, so we knew it would be a commercial kitchen with all the tools, so we were pretty excited about it.

We also were hoping to rub shoulders with a chef who was interested in really getting into the nitty-gritty of cooking and cooking science. The teacher is an Executive Chef – no idea what that means at the moment, but it sounds impressive.

Unfortunately, class was cancelled the first day – guess the Chef couldn’t make it – so we’ll have to wait. On the upside, we were promised an extra week.


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