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Changing Directions Again

I’ve been working on a spec for a new project that was looking to take 4-6 months of development, and was pretty psyched about it. It was for a current high-visibility client, and they had a lot riding on this app, and I was to be the project lead.

Today my boss told me that the client was not paying their bills and was going through some cash-flow problems, and that there would likely be a delay – not outright cancellation – of the project. Drat.

Fortunately, there is another unrelated project in the wings that I can work on, with a new hire, that will take us at least through the summer. But it’s not the direction I’d hoped to go, technically – it involves some major add-ons to an existing PHP/JS/Oracle product, and I was really hoping for the new C#/.NET MVC app would be approved.

So in one quick sentence, the direction of my work for the next 6 months changed dramatically. That happens often, I suppose, though we don’t always notice it. A quick decision, a wrong turn, the flick of a butterfly’s wing, and our life course takes a different direction. Or does it?

Being human, I so many times want the ability to predict the future, and when it’s somewhat possible (e.g. preparing for a long-term work assignment), I feel comfortable, in control. When circumstances outside of my control change all of a sudden, I’m disappointed, upset that my plans aren’t going to be fulfilled, thrown for a loop.

In the business world, plans are good, helpful, even essential. But they should always be subject to change. The more we hold tightly onto our plans, the more difficult it is to accept change, even for the better. I see this repeated over and over again on Kitchen Nightmares (a fav on Hulu), as stubborn people resist positive change, even in the face of bankruptcy.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this train of thought. Just a few tidbits, I guess. Don’t resist change you’re not in control of. Embrace positive change. Be flexible. Trust God. Enjoy your life journey.


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