Life Outside My Cube

My life, a work in progress.

April Fool’s Day Ideas

Make a bunch of photocopies of paper clip at the corner of a page, then fill the copier’s source tray with the photocopies.

Post sign explaining new voice activation features of office copier.

Embed certain office supplies in jello, a la The Office.

Insert a – very clean – rubber ducky into the 5 gal.water cooler bottle so it’s floating on top.

Replace all of someones pens with crayons.

Put googly eyes on a bunch of office objects.

Rent a stuffed/inflatable bear/animal and place it on the toilet in the restroom. Maybe even dress it. Don’t even think about this.

Hang a piece of women’s undergarments on the rear view mirror of the boss’s car, and make sure he drives when going out to lunch with the crew.

Gain access to someone’s car and turn on the fan, windshield wipers, radio and emergency flashers. Go out to lunch with them.

Move the refrigerator handle to the opposite side.

Completely cover someone’s car with post-it notes.


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