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I Made a Difference Yesterday

I voted.

Thankfully, my lovely wife reminded me when I arrived home from work that it was May 3rd, so we all went over to the local precinct and cast our ballots. Didn’t take much consideration; one of the primary (no pun intended) reasons we wanted to vote was to make our voice heard about the local school levy.

This school levy was put on the ballot for two main reasons – overcrowding in the district, and the age of the local elementary school. It would have funded the construction of a new high school. The timing of the ballot coincides with the near-end of the current school levy, as well as a gub’mint contribution of 65% toward new construction. Technically, it was a bond issueof 1.8mills, plus .5mills added to the existing 11.1 millage.

The total estimated cost for the construction is just over 35 million. To a guy who’s never signed on anything over $150,000, and whose children have never darkened a classroom doorway (home-educated all the way), that number’s a bit beyond my comprehension.

Our current millage of 11.1 places the district’s current income at around 60 million dollars annually. Divided by the 3618 enrolled students, that makes about $16,500 total cost per student per year (including salaries, building, maintenance, etc). In contrast, we spent, on average, $4-600 per year. For both of our kids. Somehow that new $35M building just doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

Apparently, though, there were a lot of people to whom it made a lot of sense. Fortunately, there were enough of us who voted against the issue, though it was the closest one in the state. I like to think that I was one of the 197 voters who made the difference.


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