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Jailbreaking my Kindle 3 WiFi

It wasn’t long before I became annoyed with the ads, both at the bottom of the home page, and as screen savers. The former can’t be removed, but the screen savers can, first by jailbreaking the Kindle.

I started with the How-To Geek article, which was very helpful. The jailbreak code provided, however, wasn’t the ticket. Apparently v3.2.1 has problems with that particular hack. I did find one by Yifan Lu that almost worked, then a mod to that one written by Serge Levin that almost worked too. :-( Apparently there’s something in 3.2.1 that prevents it from working. I gave up, unregistered, and restored the factory defaults.

I found a couple posts by chas0039 that offered yet another solution, including links to the latest hacks. Basically, they go through the hacks above, but with wireless turned off. Also, creating a blank .assets file in the KSO system folder. Finally, everything worked great!

With trepidation, I turned on wireless and connected, then registered. Still working!

There also seems to be some rumor that things will change yet again with v3.3. We’ll see!


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