Life Outside My Cube

My life, a work in progress.

About Me

I was born in 1960 and currently live and work in Ohio. I’m happily married to the best woman ever, and have the best two adult kids. I love my wife, sushi, garden dirt under my fingernails, Jesus, reading real books, coffee. Oh, there’s ever so much more, but that’s a starter.

I typically define myself as a “software engineer,” hinting at my engineering background and current occupation. I’ve been involved with software for a quarter-century :-)  in various forms. I currently am focused on websites, database and business intelligence, and web apps. I work for a small company in Ohio, my 9th employer.

I also define myself as a father, since I’ve been focused on that for the last few decades.  So I’m often “Jack’s dad” and “Jill’s dad.” I don’t have a problem with that. I love my kids and the way they’ve grown up in to adults. I’ve not done everything right as a dad, but I’ve sure been blessed with the outcome.

I’m also a post-mill reconstructionist, if you want to label it. But don’t. If you even know what questions to ask about that, please do so. I’d much rather have a conversation about what I believe than have you make assumptions. I’m sure much of why I’m writing this blog is rooted in my beliefs about why on earth I’m here, and what I should do about it.


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